A Quick Guide to Nylon Zipper Manufacturing Process

Nylon Zipper Manufacturing Process

Tiny as zipper is, it actually involves a wide range of knowledge and procedure. The production of zipper is a work with high professional and technical requirements because the whole production involves more than a dozen professional disciplines such as chemical industry, machinery, textile, printing and dyeing, metallurgy, electronic engineering and automatic control. In addition, the difficulty of zipper production is also reflected in its long manufacturing process, large batch, complex variety and high manufacturing accuracy.

So far, there are more than 20,000 patents related to zipper in seven countries (Australia, Germany, France, Britain, Japan, Russia and the United States) and two organizations (EPO and WIPO). It is also said that zipper production is a precision manufacturing, which is one of the outstanding representative of human intelligence.

However, the production process of zipper is changing constantly due to the emergence of new technology and new equipment. Today what we are going to introduce is conventional manufacturing process of nylon zipper adopted at the present stage.

Generally speaking, nylon zipper manufacturing process can be divided into 4 stages, including the former processing, dyeing and tidying, slider manufacturing and finished product processing.

The Former Processing
The raw materials are processed into semi-finished zippers during this stage.

  • Polyester monofilament and central thread are wound into a spiral tooth chain.
  • Polyester filament yarns are weaved into the tape of zipper.
  • Zipper tooth chain and tape are sewed together.

Dyeing and Tidying
The white semi-finished zipper chain will be dyed and tidied into colorful product.

  • White zipper chain is uniformly wound on the dyeing cylinder by winding machine.
  • Put white zipper chain into dye vat to complete the dye process under high temperature and high pressure.
  • Neaten and iron the colored zipper chain to make them flat and stabilize.

Slider Manufacturing
Slider manufacturing consists of 3 parts: die casting of slider parts, assembly of slider parts and surface treatment of the assembled slider.

Finished Product Processing
Colored zipper chain, slider, stoppers and other accessories are assembled into finished product depending on customer’s demand. The finished zipper can be divided into open-end zipper and closed-end zipper.

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