A Complete Guide To Nylon Coil Mutual-assembled Zippers

nylon coil mutual-assembled zippers

Nylon Coil Mutual-assembled Zipper refers to the mutual assembling of two nylon coil zippers with the same model number and specifications, whose left and right sides can be exchanged and assembled into a complete and qualified zipper.

Please read this guide carefully before placing an order.

Nylon coil mutual-assembled zippers are suitable for the plackets of cotton-padded clothes with detachable inner and outer layers, and other items/applications that require mutual–assembling and mutual matching function, ranging from the garments, tents, sleeping bags, luggage & bags to the footwear.

Model Number & Specifications
Nylon coil zippers intended for mutual assembling should have the same model number and specifications. Furthermore, these zippers should be manufactured at the same time to minimize the deviation when they are assembled mutually.

Dimension, Deviation & Tolerance
Due to their elasticity, there are chances that the dimension of nylon coil zippers with the same specifications may still vary from one zipper to another. This is acceptable so long as the deviation is in line with the tolerance as specified in the international standards, which is dependent on the dimension of zippers. Additionally, the teeth interval of nylon coil zippers out of different batches, or nylon coil zippers in different colors may differ due to the different manufacturing techniques involved in the molding, sewing and dyeing processes. Therefore, not all nylon coil zippers that are mutually assembled can match perfectly, with a deviation of 1.5cm or less.

To ensure a better mutual assembling effect, the zipper to be attached to the inner layer should be shorter than the zipper to be attached to the outer layer, ranging from 0.3cm to 0.5cm. Otherwise, it will compromise the outlook of a garment after they are installed.

Slider Attachment
Both electroplated and spray painted sliders can be attached to this type of zipper.

Don’t spray the chemical agents used for removing rust, oil stain or dirt when manufacturing the garments/bags onto the metal accessories directly to protect them against oxidation and discoloration.

Allow the products to dry completely after ironing, and package the products in breathable plastic bags to protect the metal accessories against oxidation and discoloration, and prevent the elements from corrosion and peeling off.

Store the products in a dry environment and avoid damp/corrosive environment. And avert prolonged exposure to strong sunlight directly.

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