A Brief Introduction to Men’s Shirt Collar Styles

image source: lanieri.com

In fashion and in life, first impression is everything and if you want to make a good first impression, you must choose your outfits carefully so they make you look like a million dollars, instead of looking frumpy. And, if you really want your outfit to steal the show and draw all the attention to you, you will need to learn what is adequate and appropiate to every occasion and pay attention to every single detail: color, cut, fit… even the sleeve types, and the collars.

But, how to know exactly what is appropiate and what is not when there are so many collars? How to figure out what style will compliment you the most? If you don’t know how, here we have a little list with some of the most popular men shirt collar styles!

collars 1
image source: paulfredrick.com

-Straight collar: Also called point collar, this is the most famous, well known style of men collar. This versatile, elegant style is formal enough to wear with a tie to your office job, but without one to your informal dinner with friends later. It is the favorite in formal shirts: it looks good with anywhere and with anything from jeans to a formal suit.

-Windsor collar: This elegant, formal collar style is appropiate with a tie, albeit a Windsor knot is not necessary. This conservative collar is elegant and versatile enough that it can be worn in every occasion.

-Button-down collar: This collar is an old school style worn by American scholars, and it was later introduced in England to help polo players keep their shirts in place. That is why now it is considered one of the least formal collars, and has a sportsy, fun air to it: wear it to dinner with friends.

collars 2
image source: paulfredrick.com

-Tab collar: This type of collar has a tab to keep it flat against your neck, and is necessary to wear this type of shirt with a tie. As a dressy, formal collar it will be worn during formal occasions such as weddings.

-Cutaway spread collar: This collar’s lapels point 45 degrees, so it is wider than the Windsor collar. This collar is perfect with showy neckwear: ties, scarves and showy necklaces; and it can be worn in more formal business occasions, but also in weddings and other formal events.

-Club collar: Also called the Eton, this preppy collar has rounded points and a wide stance making it perfect for patterned ties with a tight knot. However, it is very versatile and it can be worn with or without ties and in any occasion!

This are only some of the most popular. There are many more collars, but they are rare and unusual. If you want to find out more, you will have to do some research on your own!

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