A Brief Guide for Sewing Metal Buttons on Fabric

tips for sewing metal buttons

Metal buttons are made from metal materials like brass and zinc alloy and then applied to clothing for practical or decorative function, including rivets, buckles, eyelets, labels, etc.

In order to fully ensure the connecting function and the decorative value, metal buttons must been sewed on clothing properly according to the different features of buttons and fabrics. The correct sewing process should be in consideration of following aspects.

  • buttons are selected correctly
  • buttons are sewed on the proper position
  • The thickness of fabrics fits buttons

1. Make sure to attach metal buttons to fabrics with appropriate thickness
① Thin fabric

The fabric that metal buttons are sewed on must be thick and firm enough to avoid damaging clothing or dropping buttons. Thin fabrics like silk or knitwear may be unable to bear the pull when unbuttoning.

  • Choose metal buttons with less tension to separate.
  • Add adhesive linings, gaskets, etc. between the fabric layers of the binding area to increase the thickness and strength.

② Thick fabric
There is a suitable range of fabric thickness for each kind of metal button, however, too thick fabric will damage fabric and buttons due to the extreme high binding pressure.

  • Reduce the thickness of particular area for buttons when designing clothing.
  • Communicate with manufacturers to adopt longer button feet before placing orders.

③ Uniform thickness
Sewing buttons on the position with uniform thickness. If sewing buttons on the place having uneven thickness, buttons are able to be out of shape or fall off from clothing.

2. Make sure that metal buttons are sewed on the proper position
Avoid attaching metal buttons to the seam which is the line where two or more pieces of cloth have been stitched together. Otherwise, there is the possibility that buttons is out of shape or the seam is cut off.

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