Multiple Shades of Browns


The color brown always be tagged as a sign with ugly and old-fashion image. However, it has a great change recently. People have shed the inherent thinking about brown, discovering the beauty of brown from other dimension. The various depths of brown tone extend itself to a broad application in design area.

The origin of inspiration comes from tone which captures the scene of the 1970s, particularly in interior design, where the brown begins to be shown as the trend. At the “Supersalone” Salone Del Mobile 2021 in Milan, brown standout as a key color for interiors in designers’ installations.

Located in London, 1970’s style Standard Hotel is redolent of a sense of luxury brown and effuse hospitality. Also Soho House 180 The Strand offer us a lesson that brown is not simple. The supple leater, the wooden paneling and plush carpets, these retro looks are including a layer of indulgence as well as a sense of comfort. They are bold and full of magnificent textures, stimulating the visual and phsical senses.

Viewed as a grounding color, brown is capable of anchoring different kind of spatical pattern, meanwhile, it can be a powerful statement spontaneously. It has achieved a banlance with a multitude of colors and enriched more sophistication to life in a harmonious way.


It is clearly seen that the power of brown can change the dynamics of colors. Pairing with brown, baby pink turns to elevated and refined. Red becomes more gentle and less harsh comparing with calmed close to brown. Sporty blue gets a retro spark with brown.

Pantone Fashion, home+ interiors

The adaptability of brown is strong in an array of colors. And change our idea about surrounding colors in a subtle process. Something that has ever been ignored in brown has become shining points gradually. People find its essential edge that can smooth bright colors whilst embodying its unique temperament.

Brown can be created into various layered looks. This time pantone split it into two key brown groups. One highlights grounding tones of blues and reds creating a sophisticated warmth. Meanwhile, Mahogany and teak close to these tones and exude a sense of luxury. Whilst the other group carry with a yellow/green tint, which creates a much more organic and natural feel like as a plush forest floor.

Pantone Matching System

These opulent layered sense and multiple shades of browns rich the visual effect and revert to the nature by original roots. We can see a fresh brown has come into a new era.

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