8 highlights of SBS Zipper products fashion trend for 2020 AW

8 highlights of SBS Zipper products fashion trend for 2020 AW

As a follower and practitioner of fashion trend in zipper industry, SBS zipper always adheres to the front line of fashion and studies what will be in vogue. Recently, SBS zipper has released the fashion trend of zipper products for autumn and winter 2020. Please follow us to touch the 8 highlights.

Impressionist horizon
The charm of art in chaotic era has been unknowingly integrated with the public life, becoming a special impression. The palette with those retro and modern colors extracted from art works forms an artistic and retro contract tone, which provide the trend of autumn and winter of 2020.

Central decoration era
The highlight of Central Decoration Era is using zipper as a ornament in garments to create a new kind of patterns. Different usages of each part make a senses of surprise besides function.

The third kind of stunning impact
The traditional cotton down jacket has been broken and reorganized. Their unusual fusion of with other design has given us an exaggerated and stunning visual impact, forming a third kind of fashion that is beyond our ideology.

Unknown dimension
The attractive fashion elements of unknown dimension are full of fatal attraction on account of its mysterious and magical characteristics, blurring the boundaries between science and daily life and providing awe-inspiring visual features.

Peace & recycle
Recycling waste products and using organic materials to offset the rapid consumption of natural resources. It aims at awakening designers’ new concept of environment protection, and creating a new home for the harmonious coexistence between human and nature.

Abandoned items lose their value of existence, which leads us to think about the meaning of rebirth. Through artistic expression, the damaged objects are given a new life and become the declaration of designer in the new era.

Retro plan
Retro plan is not a retrospective of the past, but a combination of current modern elements and the past style, so that the original style can be out of plain and express new meanings.

Phantom space
Phantom space is built by abstract pattern, geometry and line, adding a new fashion statement to ordinary design.

The inheritance of the past is not only a thinking of the present, but also the hope for the future. Inheritance and innovation are an eternal theme, leading us to open new paths constantly.

If you want to know more about zipper product fashion trends for 2020 AW, please feel free to contact us.

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