7 Guidelines For The Proper Use Of Coating Coil Zippers

coating coil zipper

Coil zipper whose teeth surface on the front is coated with a layer of aluminum through vacuum plating is referred to as coating coil zipper. The teeth surface is then colored and sealed.

Please follow the guidelines below while you are using coating coil zippers to ensure better performance as well as longer service life.

Color Effect
Apart from the regular colors like silver, gold, black nickel, etc., a wide range of colors are available for selection.

Please note only the teeth on the front are colored. Neither the back onto which the zipper tape is attached nor the side can be colored. Please keep this in mind before purchase or bulk manufacturing.

Coating coil zippers are designed for such applications that request decorative appeal like plackets, pockets, etc. They are only suggested for the apparel industry and soft bag items at the moment.

Unless otherwise stated, please double check with our sales representatives if you would like to use them for any other applications.

Selection of Sliders

  • Opt for such sliders that go through spray painting or electrophoresis process.
  • Avoid selecting electroplated sliders as they feature rigid and rough inner cavity, which may damage the coating layer and cause it to fall off the zipper surface.

Special Fabrics
When the fabric contains Dioctyl Phthalate (a type of plasticizer, hereinafter referred to as DOP), it is highly recommended to separate the teeth elements from the fabric with a sheet of paper in case any migration takes place between the DOP and the color film on the teeth surface.


  • Take care the cleaning agents such as laundry detergents, DJW and the like don’t come into direct contact with the teeth elements in manufacturing, as they can cause the color film to peel off the teeth surface easily.
  • Ensure the chemical agents used for removing dirt, oil stain or rust when manufacturing garments or bags are not sprayed directly onto the metal accessories to save them from oxidation and discoloration.


  • Don’t do the packaging unless the products have been completely dried after ironing.
  • Use breathable plastic bags to protect the coating layer against oxidation and discoloration and prevent it from corrosion and peeling off the zipper. Furthermore, plastic bags with breathability can also protect the metal accessories on the zipper from oxidization and discoloration and prevent the teeth elements from corrosion and coming off.


  • Store the items in a dry environment and avert any damp or corrosive environment.
  • Avert prolonged exposure to strong sunlight directly.

Please contact us should you need any assistance!

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