6 Not-To-Miss Trends from MFW A/W2021

MFW A&W 2021 No.21-_-Anteprima-_-Simona-Marziali

The first fashion month of the year has come to a conclusion. Despite of the intensity of pandemic has faded, we should not relax our vigilance. The fashion week still take measures that digitalization as main showcase while runways is accessorial. Even so, the fashion week has been no less joyful and optimistic. Hereby, we have break down something you must need to know from Milan fashion week autumn and winter 2021. Now read on to see 6 key trends.


Trend Analysis: Commuting style

Under the post-pandemic time, our life has got back to regular as before. The economy rebounds and people’s work return to normal. Designers start to rethink what kind of officewear people like in their working hours, also they want to find a style suits for off duty. Tailored knits and pullover sweats will be a crucial, relaxed suiting and elasticated details must be a great option for work and yet comfortable for casual occasion.

Standout Color: Violet

Violet has become bold and chic purely bright across collections in Milan fashion week. Designers dig for the vitality of this fresh color. From outerwear to cozy knitwear and playful party dresses, all make an intercourse with this color.

Impressed Item: Leather Coat

The leather coat is toppled with ultra-soft and texture level-up, which make a statement that the new concept of consumption means long longevity in use. The classic black is replaced with truffle browns and deep rich reds to cater more color lovers.


New print: Tessellate Geometric Pattern

The new geometric pattern showcases in MFW to renovate the printed and knit looks. More retro-inspired spring up alongside with attention-grabbing new voxel geometric prints.

Key Detail: Sheers

The sensual sheers are the focuses of Milan fashion week to hold up our Let’s Party and Late Night Lounge stories. With the elevated taste on playful occasionwear, more elements are applied for this aesthetic like layered-up design.

Fine Accessory: Elbow Glove

How to unleash grace air without consciousness? The occasional glove makes it easy. Elbow glove needs to be on your radar. Also, this stylish glove plays with protective function.

All image source: wgsn.com

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