5 Things That Will Ruin Footwear Zippers

footwear zippers

If they have been manufactured well and placed in the correct position, footwear zippers can be extremely resilient and sturdy. However, there are certain things can ruin footwear zippers, causing major problems for the wearer.

Here is a look at some of the things that should be avoided so that the zipper is able to last as long as possible.

1. Dirt or sand getting caught in the zipper teeth
Depending on where the wearer lives and uses the footwear the most, dirt or sand can get caught in the zipper and cause it to malfunction. Proper maintenance involves regularly cleaning the shoe’s zipper and making sure that no external particles are causing a blockage.

2. Pulling on zippers that get stuck
From time to time, a zipper can get caught on the material that it is attached to. In the case of footwear this can range from cloth to leather and not only poses a threat to the zipper itself, but also to the material that gets stuck in it. Whenever this happens, it is important to slowly un-jam the zipper, rather than strongly pull on the zipper.

3.Attaching things to the zipper
In order for the zipper to function properly, it’s best to avoid attaching anything to the zipper pull (like certain accessories, keychains, etc.). Attaching things – especially heavy ones – can damage the zipper by causing it to constantly pull down on the zipper teeth. In the long-term, this might cause damage in the functioning of the zipper. Also, it increases the likelihood of the zipper getting caught or jammed on things which can cause major problems to the zipper and the wearer alike.

4. Spraying chemicals onto the zipper
Sometimes, people buy products that are reported to soften the leather of the shoe or act as water repellants. However, what they do not realize is that while chemicals can be beneficial for the material that the shoe is made of, they can cause much damage to the zipper itself, for example, unexpected reaction with the metal parts. In order to make sure that the zipper is working well, it’s best to avoid spraying any chemicals on the shoe altogether.

5.Deformations in the zipper during storage
If the footwear is seasonal and the wearer only uses it a few months each year, the shoe will most definitely be stored somewhere for the remaining time. A big mistake people make is to store their footwear by folding it (and its zipper) in several places. This can cause major deformations in the zipper, causing it to malfunction later on.

If you would like to have zippers that last a long time, make sure to avoid these 5 things that are guaranteed to ruin your footwear zippers.

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