4 Tips for Selecting Perfect Boot Zippers

Image Source: Pixabay

Zippers have become a fashion trend over the past few seasons in everything from jeans to blouses. From zippers in different colors to circle zippers on blouses and purses, these fasteners have become the must-have accessory.

In particular, boot zippers have become increasingly popular as they have succeeded in merging form and function: they are now both a decoration and a tool helping the wearers put their boots on quickly and easily.

Are you looking for ways to incorporate zippers into your boot manufacturing? Take a look at some of our tips for choosing the best zippers for your boot collection.

1. Watch out for non-waterproof zippers
Low-quality zippers tend to leak, which can be potentially problematic when it comes to finding suitable boot zippers. Considering that the wearers’ feet are most exposed to the elements and therefore most at risk of getting wet, finding high-quality zippers for your boots is a top priority. SBS can offer waterproof zipper tailored to your specific requirements and you have an option of adding a waterproof gusset behind the zipper for added protection.

2. Only choose simple zipper designs
The most common reason for zipper failure is either because the zipper itself is made of low-quality materials or because it has been poorly incorporated into the design of a shoe. In particular, inconvenient positioning of the zipper or an impractical design can cause major problems and even zipper malfunctioning. If you are looking for a functional way to incorporate zippers into your boots, using zippers that vertically go up the boots is a foolproof way to do so.

3. Use only top-quality zippers
In addition to fitting the design of a boot, zippers must also be durable and functional. As a result, it is important to choose high-quality zippers that are flexible and able to offer support for a range of different activities. SBS offers a range of zippers that are sturdy and conform to all of the highest standards that are necessary in boot zippers.

4. Combine zippers with other fastening devices
Zippers can give the boots you manufacture a beautiful aesthetic touch, but if you are interested in ways to improve functionality and even design, you might want to consider adding other elements as well. For instance, you can choose to add laces or velcro straps to boots with zippers — not only does this make the design richer and more in line with current trends, but it also makes the design more optimal for secure fastening.


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