4 Reasons Why You Should Choose Nylon Buttons

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The scientific name of nylon is polyamide, belonging to thermoplastic engineering plastics. Hence, the production method of nylon buttons is injection molding, which is relatively simple.

Making mold is necessary for the injection molding of nylon buttons. First of all, the main factor that determines the delivery time of buttons is also the time of making mold. Afterwards, compared with other injection molds, the manufacturing requirements of nylon buttons mould are much higher, so the mould is the key factor affecting the cost of nylon button as well.

Why you choose nylon buttons for your garment? Please scroll down to view the 4 reasons.

Mechanical Strength
Due to their high mechanical strength and toughness, nylon buttons are often made into buttons with handles without worrying about breakage.

In synthetic resin buttons, nylon buttons have excellent dyeability and they can be dyed by commonly used disperse dyes and some special dyes for nylon. In addition, after being dyed under high temperature, their size will have no change, and there is no need for post-treatment such as color fixing. As a result, initial nylon buttons are usually white and then they can be dyed in different colors as needed. By the way, nylon buttons can provide a stable cooperation when used as a component of combined buttons on account of their outstanding dimensional stability.

Chemical Resistance
Belonging to engineering plastic, not only does nylon have good mechanical properties, but also has excellent chemical resistance. Therefore, nylon buttons can withstand the erosion of most organic solvents. Furthermore, nylon buttons can be dry-cleaned and washed with clothing together owing to their abrasive resistance.

Pearly lustre
After mixing pearl powder and nylon material and injection molding, nylon buttons will get the charming pearly lustre, adding a fashion statement to clothing.

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