2021 S/S Fashion Trend on Women’s Suits

2021 SS Fashion Trend on Women’s Suits-2021春夏女士流行西装趋势

Suit has always been regarded as the daily formal attire of menswear. Its dress codes reflect the correct, concise and generous temperament which is naturally associated with the polished and civilized gentleman. Thus, it has earned more and more concern and affection in public. Suit is used in a wide range of occasions, yet across the gender. With the on-going improvements and changes on suit, suit is not restricted to men’s clothing, the fashion circle has uncovered the “big woman style”. Women’s suits have become a must-wear for many women in the work occasions even in their daily lives. What will women’s suits look like on the spring and summer 2021 runways? Let’s take a look back at some popular women’s suits on the runways.

Cropped single suit

Short style single suit is a perfect partner to dress, half-length umbrella skirt, shirt skirt and so on skirt suits. Without feeling weird, such a combination adds some masculine air while still gentle enough since the match of skirt suits. The application of velvet, brocade fabric material brings out a gorgeous and classical temperament of cropped single suit. The ingenious usage of bright colors in cropped single suit appears to be vibrant more.

Cropped single suit 短款单西

Long single suit

A long style single suit is stylish and capable when paired with loose, wide-legged pants or shorts. The design details that blended in novel fabric and collar button position in this season brings it more highlights. Undoubtedly, long style single suit is a must-have piece in wardrobe for suit enthusiasts.

Long single suit 长款单西

Medium length suit with half skirt

Suits has always been a classic choice in women’s business outfits, mid-length skirt suits are particularly noteworthy as the much-loved suit style for business women in spring and summer 2021. The mid-length and half-skirt suits show rich in this season, which integrates double slits details, tassel decoration, Chanel style and other elements. The ensemble effect looks handsome and pretty individual matching with varied shirts inside.

Medium length suit with half skirt 中长半裙西服套装

Miniskirt suits

The overall modelling of miniskirt suits has elevated irresistible heroic spirit due to tail design joined. This dressing temperament make the woman dressing in miniskirt suit gripping. The lattice fabric is applied in this kind of design to perfection.

Miniskirt suits 迷你裙西服套装

Shorts suits

shorts suits embellished with lace and striped also gain lots of attentions and popularity in public. In particular, the application of pure white color, matching with lace elements, marks the overall modeling appears simple rustic, dynamic fluid.

Shorts suits 短裤西服套装

Trim-fitting insulating single suit

Trim-fitting insulating single suit reveals many clever designs in this season, besides consistent slim cutting. Whatever the printed waistbelt or artful designs of cuffs are, all standout the sense of layers. The additional fashion items like handbags or purse match with personal shirts inside to level up the chic feeling of outlooks. The overall style just like customized to you.

Trim-fitting insulating single suit 修身单西

Shrugged suit

Shrug suit adding a shrug element gives the overall look a crisp texture. In a variety of suit categories, shrugged suit falls into the category with a strong aura. In this season, by adding small funny cartoon pattern or printed with soft romantic element, the wearer takes on cool and lovely image.

Shrugged suit 耸肩西装


Suit vest is practical items to match with any piece female dress collocation. It can be handsome yet sweet, which interprets a distinctive style with any stylish clothing matched.

Waistcoat 西装背心

Wide-legged pant suit

Suits with wide-legged pants is a very craze in recent a few seasons. Flowing outline design together with cuff details and personal shirts inside, creates an able and fashionable dress effect.

Wide-legged pant suit 阔腿裤西服套装

All images source sohu.com

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