Pantone-London Autumn/Winter 2018 Fashion Color Trend Report

February 28, 2018 SBSZIPPER 0

The London and NY Fashion Week Fall/Winter events have a lot of similarities. Fashion designers at both events move away from the traditional cyclical trends that people have come to expect and go for colors that transcend seasons and promote self-expression by extruding one’s individualism. The London Fashion Week event match and even surpass the NY Fashion Week event when it comes to its experimental nature. The London Autumn/Winter 2018 Fashion Color Trend Report by Pantone exhibits 5 classic color palettes and 12 top color palettes for both male and female fashion trends.

Pantone—NY Fall/Winter 2018 Fashion Color Trend Report

February 26, 2018 SBSZIPPER 0

Different seasons call for different colors. This is because some colors pop more than others during different seasons. The NY Fashion Week catwalk provides a platform that not only showcases new designs but also all the important colors of the upcoming seasons. The NY Fashion Week Fall/Winter season 2018 featured a wide range of new colors for both men’s and women’s attire. The fashionable clothes that were displayed on the catwalk also featured different classic color palettes for the fall/winter season. The Pantone Fashion Color Trend Report is a report that reviews the top color choices from designers during the [Continue Reading]

Buttoning Rules for Single and Double-Breasted Suit Jackets

February 8, 2018 SBSZIPPER 0

What’s in a suit jacket? It’s amazing that such a simple piece of clothing has so many rules on how to wear them properly. It’s just a jacket! Surely, you can wear and button them up as you please? But buttoning your suit jackets the right way has its own benefits. One, it makes your jacket fit and look better on your body. Second, it sends out a signal that you’re a detail-oriented man, who likes to pay attention to even the smallest of details, such as jacket buttons.

Why the Heck Do Men’s and Women’s Shirts Button on Opposite Sides?

February 5, 2018 SBSZIPPER 0

There’s one kind of clothing, which almost everyone out there has ever owned and that’s none other than the button-up shirt. Notably, there is a vast range of variations as far as the fabrics are concerned such as rayon, linen, cotton, silk, and more. Nevertheless, the buttoning tradition interestingly remains the same even as the shirt styles evolve. Men’s buttons are always on the right side while women’s buttons are on the left.

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