Make Your Shirt More Elegant With Charming Shell Buttons

January 27, 2018 SBSZIPPER 0

Brief History Shell buttons boast an expansive history dating way back before 1950 when they were manufactured in Muscatine, Iowa, United States. Back then, Muscatine was referred to as the World’s Capital of Pearl Button as it was home to a whopping number of shell button factories. By 21st Century, China overtook the United States and became the center of shell buttons industry.

A Brief Guide To Button Pull Test

January 25, 2018 SBSZIPPER 0

The physical performances of buttons can be determined in various ways, dependent on the product type and structure, which include but are not limited to the measurement of pull, fastening, unfastening, fastness, breakage strength, etc. The measurement of pull strength is a critical testing procedure in the design and manufacturing of garments in the textile world. It refers to the maximum strength that clothing buttons could withstand when they are subjected to the tensile force applied, which could result in certain degree of deformation at the place where the buttons come into contact with the fabric or lead to the [Continue Reading]

How To Attach Buttons/Snap Fasteners Correctly

January 18, 2018 SBSZIPPER 0

There are automatic machines and semi-automatic machines with various specifications available for attaching buttons and snap fasteners. Please refer to the specifications of different machines and follow the attaching methods below to ensure the proper attachment of buttons and snap fasteners.

Global Testing Standards For Buttons/Snap Fasteners

January 13, 2018 SBSZIPPER 0

Similar to what we have covered in our guide for zipper’s industry standards, the testing standards for buttons or snap fasteners as a fastening device also vary greatly in different countries. In this article, we will present some of the important testing standards from leading countries all around the world. These standards are acknowledged internationally in the fashion and fastening industries around the world.

SBS S/S 2019 Zipper Fashion Trend Report

January 10, 2018 SBSZIPPER 0

With the start of the new year, we are very pleased to inform the release of our Spring/Summer 2019 Zipper Fashion Trend Report. This bi-annual report will be our response to the ever-changing fashion trends moving forward, in general, and specific to the latest trends in zipper designs. Below you will find the highlights of our Spring/Summer 2019 Zipper Fashion Trend Report.

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