Jordan Brand Replaces Laces with High Zips in the New Jordan 1

January 30, 2018 SBSZIPPER 0

Jordan Brand has been releasing new sneakers models in every season. Having in mind how Jordan Brand has been handling the previous sneaker releases, and their plans, we are almost sure that the new Air Jordan 1 will be extremely hard to acquire. It is evident that the new Air Jordan 1 which is expected to be released soon won’t have laces like the earlier releases.

Resin Buttons VS Plastic Buttons: Understanding the Differences

January 29, 2018 SBSZIPPER 0

The term “resin button” and ”plastic button” are often interchangeable with each other, and also sometimes creating confusion for those who don’t really know the differences. In this guide, we will discuss all the main differences between the two button types, as well as discussing the key areas you should focus on so that you can make a better purchase decision when choosing between the two.

Make Your Shirt More Elegant with Charming Shell Buttons

January 27, 2018 SBSZIPPER 0

Brief History Shell buttons boast an expansive history dating way back before 1950 when they were manufactured in Muscatine, Iowa, United States. Back then, Muscatine was referred to as the World’s Capital of Pearl Button as it was home to a whopping number of shell button factories.

A Brief Guide to Button Pull Test

January 25, 2018 SBSZIPPER 0

The physical performances of buttons can be determined in various ways, dependent on the product type and structure, which include but are not limited to the measurement of pull, fastening, unfastening, fastness, breakage strength, etc. The measurement of pull strength is a critical testing procedure in the design and manufacturing of garments in the textile world.

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