10 Winter Outfits That Belong In Your Wardrobe

top winter-wear trend

Winter is coming. And it is coming fast. The last thing you want is to have a closet full of sundresses, shorts and flip-flops when the snow starts to fall. The biggest problem most people have is finding outfits and accessories that are warm and comfortable but do not compromise on style.

Below are a ten winter-wear trend you need to get in on for a warm and stylish season according to ELLE.

1. Extra-long Sleeves
It goes without saying that winter is for long sleeves. The extra-long variety adds a little flare to the classic design and offers the wearer freedom to use their hands.

Extra-long Sleeves

2. Turtle Necks
Turtle necks are another fashion favorite during the winter. To make your outfit trendier, try coupling the turtle neck tops with sleeveless dresses or jumpsuits. This is a sure way of getting both style and comfort in one outfit.

Turtle Neck

3. Ski Jackets
It is hard to believe that something as plain as a ski jacket could make it on a winter-wear trend list. The secret is in what you pair the jacket with. Try something like skinny jeans or form-fitted pants and you won’t believe the results.

Ski Jacket

4. Navy Overcoats
This is probably the ultimate winter statement piece. The navy-uniform inspired design gives it a sophisticated feel but can also turn casual when paired with jeans or canvas shoes.

Navy Overcoat

5. Leggings
For a casual day out on a chilly winter afternoon, leggings would serve you well. They are perfect for people who don’t want to give up the short shorts and mini dresses as you can wear the two together for a classic style and warmth combo.


6. Puffer Jackets
Puffer jackets are super warm; there is no argument there. Bright colored pieces in specific would make a perfect addition to your winter wardrobe allowing you to make a statement with an item that is otherwise considered plain.

Puffer Jacket

7. Trooper Hats
Trooper hats are not for the faint of heart. This is a trend that is bound to turn heads for all the right reasons. In addition to being stylish, the earflaps ensure that your ears are kept warm and toasty till the last snowflake melts into spring.

Trooper Hat

8. Platform Boots
These come in handy when it rains or when you find yourself forced to navigate through thick snow. They keep your feet away from the moisture keeping you warm and dry. They are also very cool and trendy and are ideal for a fun night out.

Platform Boots

9. Patent Trench Coat
Patent trench coats are a must-have for those few warm days in the winter. They keep you nice and warm without suffocating you. Their light nature also makes them a whole lot more comfortable. Spice things up by going for the bright pieces.

Patent Trench Coat

10. Fur Stoles
Whether you wear the stole around your neck or across your body there is no denying that you will be making an unforgettable fashion statement this winter. The fur or faux fur ensures that you stay warm.

Fur Stole

Bottom Line
You don’t have to be s style guru or fashion expert to acknowledge the stylish nature of the ten trends described above. The most amazing thing about them is actually the fact that anyone can pull any of these outfit ideas off making them a must-have in every person’s winter closet.

Source: www.elle.com






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