The Impact Factors on Color Fastness

June 16, 2021 SBSZIPPER 0

Clothing textile is a big hot field in fashion industry. It is not just resulted from the various types of fabrics, cotton, satin, organza, hemp, etc., color is a prominent element among them. Furthermore, the color fastness is a focus for every people who engaged in textile industry. The grade of color fastness directly manifests the inner quality of clothing, and is also directly form a linkage to the health and safety of wearer. Dye molecules and heavy metal ions in textiles with low color fastness may be absorbed through the skin and cause skin damage, or even pose a [Continue Reading]

New Products Introduction-Anti-static Puller

June 12, 2021 SBSZIPPER 0

The most common phenomenon you must have ever been through is the static electricity problem when you brush your hair specially in winter. It really a troublesome thing. Not only because it makes your image weird, but yet cause the bad impact on our health in another side.

Some Common Dyeing Terms and Definitions

June 8, 2021 SBSZIPPER 0

There are some conventional proper nouns in all walks of life, which are used to express or define concepts in some specific words. The use of descriptive language makes people better understand about the processes, methods, principles and so on behind them.

New Products Introduction-SBS QR Code Puller Series

June 4, 2021 SBSZIPPER 0

With the growing development of science and technology, the more deepen of digitalization in all walks of life. Zipper industry also have some breakthroughs in zipper innovation. Zipper bears more functions based on advancing with time, for example, anti-lost function. Today, we want to share with you the new invention of a type of puller with intelligent anti-lost QR code.

New Products Introduction-SBS Portable Series

May 28, 2021 SBSZIPPER 0

Through by the flurry of pandemic, the global has accelerated the step toward digitalization. Technology changes the way of our life also provoke more think about existing products. Zipper is not merely accessory, but an extended usage.

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