How to Sew a Lapped Zipper

January 26, 2021 SBSZIPPER 0

Sewing a zipper is an important part of learning how to sew. This article aims to teach sewing beginners how to sew a lapped zipper by hand in just a few easy steps. You may feel that the idea of sewing a zipper may sound intimidating but sewing a lapped zipper is one of the easiest types of zippers to install. There are also several different ways of sewing a lapped zipper so do not get discouraged if you make a few mistakes. These simple instructions will help you install your first lapped zipper.

Four Ways to Practice Sustainability in Fashion

January 22, 2021 SBSZIPPER 0

The COVID-19 pandemic created a pivotal moment in fashion. It forced fashion brands and manufacturers to slow down and rethink their entire production and distribution processes, while it also pushed forward the popularity and the grave need for sustainability.

A List of The Upcoming Fashion Week Schedule 2021

January 19, 2021 SBSZIPPER 0

Albeit the limitation of COVID-19 has caused the mess around with fashion week schedule 2020, we are still full of expectation for 2021 fashion week events. With the popularity of digitalization of technology, many fashion weeks are bound to combine both physical and digital.

There Should Have A Brake on Fast Fashion

January 16, 2021 SBSZIPPER 0

What is sustainable fashion? Sustainable fashion, also known as eco or green fashion, is the new popular trend in fashion circles. But what exactly is it, what makes a piece “sustainable”? Well, the word is usually used to talk about many different things: pieces that have been made from recycled materials, or that are recyclable themselves.

Colors of The Year 2021-Ultimate Gray and Yellow Illuminating

January 12, 2021 SBSZIPPER 0

Recently, Pantone Color Institute has unveiled its color of the year 2021. This is the second time to pick two colors after year of 2016 the pale pink and blue hues. Pantone, as a global authority in color exploration, share a union of an achromatic shade gray with a vibrant light yellow this year.

Give This Half-Zip Fashion A Try

January 8, 2021 SBSZIPPER 0

We commonly pick the sweater that is paired with a low neckline or square neckline or crewneck or stand collar. Obviously, we are concerned about the shape of sweater’s neckline. However, there have an exotic accessory may lead a sleek look. That is zipper. A half-Zip style have unlocked the new way of sweater wearing.

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