Company Culture

Business culture is the soul of an enterprise, the source of business core competitiveness, the commander of business operating activities, the guide of business actions, and plays the irreplaceable core role in business operating activities.

The original business culture piloted SBS becoming the leading enterprise and the first listed company in Chinese zipper industry, accompanies SBS with a series of splendid successes.

Facing the changeable competitive environment and developing strategy of “Composites in China and Penetrates around the World”, we must make active responses to our culture, rethink towards many serious problems to the further extent, refine energy, clear goals and unify will.

Based on the pith of original business culture, New Outline of SBS Business Culture makes some creation. It fixes the prospect, mission, operating logos, culture spirit, core sense of worth and quality guidelines of SBS. New business culture will ensure that the sense of value and way of act of every SBS member is highly unanimous with the prospect “Hundred SBS, World Brand” and the mission “Making SBS the Well-known World Brand”.

sbs culture

Hundred-year Brand

Prospect of SBS


Operating continuously! Behind every puissant nation or country, there must be the same great and preeminent enterprise which is world-class and operates continuously.

Speed, quality, brand, benefit and service going well is the massive foundation for SBS to operate continuously.

Creating more values for clients continuously is the material base for SBS to operate continuously.

Establishing excellent business culture and duplicates among different branch companies is the cultural base for SBS to operate continuously.

Specializing in zipper and accessory industries is the strategic base for SBS to operate continuously.


World-class enterprise must have world-class brand.

SBS must have the matching brand with its own industrial standing. Only brand can have higher value for clients.

Also only brand can bring about higher benefits and have more resources to innovate technology, bring in talents and realize the value of staff.

Promoting SBS as a Well-Known World Brand

Mission of SBS

Encourage the staff to work towards brand operation, activate the brand sense of staff effectively and release striking “brand energy”. Have every member of SBS become the cumulative contributory for SBS brand value and become the powerful internal driving force of SBS brand, committing to the well-known world brand, which is taken by Chinese people as an honor.


Operating Logos of SBS


Speed, react fleetly, pilot fashion and higher value for clients.The competition of modern enterprise has advanced into speed competition scale competition, which means “Speed is everything”.

Speed can build the first “brand recognition in the heart of clients; speed can lead a pace in creating products and service, which results in grasping and controlling target market; speed can go first to clients and build clients’loyalty; speed means grasp of fashion trend and fads; speed can evade and bring down commercial risk; speed can also overawe competitors and construct competitory rampart to gain advantage in competition.


Beyond, go beyond oneself, go beyond competitors, go beyond expectation of clients and higher value for clients.

Going beyond is a manifestation of pursuing excellence.

Only when one person, one organization or one enterprise has the spirit of ceaseless self-denial and superego can they come to the top once and again.

Going beyond is the spiritual pursuit of SBS member, “Achieving the best and becoming the first”, the everlasting requirement proposed by SBS members, is the internal requirement of business spirit and the internal drive of SBS to transform and innovate continuously.


Service creates higher value for clients.

What SBS offers is not only zipper, but also compositive solution of zipper and accessories, based on grasp of international fashion trend and fads and research on client brand.

The process of service is the one that clients experiencing SBS brand and the one that clients participating in providing compositive solution over all. Providing intimate, fast and professional service is the starting point and staying point of SBS, and based on which to higher value for clients.

Achieving the Best&Becoming the First

Business Spirit of SBS

“Achieving the best” means that SBS must have the best fashion design, the up-to-date fabri-cation technique and the best product quality. SBS must also own the highest degree of satisfaction clients and the most valuable clients. What’s more, SBS must become the most respectable enterprise of investors, staff and clients.

“Becoming the first” is the location of SBS. In the following years, SBS must also become the preferred object of clients and the preferred cooperative partner of domestic purchasing agents and suppliers. At the meantime, every member and every department must have the courage and seek to achieve the best and become the first.

Connect Closely&Create the Future

Core Value Sense of SBS


SBS pursues win-win cooperation among society, shareholders, staff, clients and partners. The prospective success of SBS will be created and shared by society, shareholders, staff, clients and partners together.

Details Achieve Quality

SBS quality policy

Details achieve quality——-quality is the foundation of the brand and the value.

SBS pays attention to every quality detail of product and customer related , not only refers to products quality, but also includes raw materials quality, service quality, work quality of each position; not only refers to the internal quality, but also includes external quality; perfection in every work process and every detail.

Through innovation, SBS constantly improves quality.

SBS quality will become the model of the industry and exceed customer requirements.

The SBS Motto

It is an honor and responsibility to win trust; accept criticism is wisdom and courage.

Brand Growth

In 1990, we began to use “SBS” which stood for the brothers and sisters in the family as our trademark, with the aim of developing into an international brand gradually based on the family management.

In 2002, we updated our Cl logo, em-bracing the idea of growing interac-tional with high-tech and high quality products.

brand growth

 In 1988, the trademark was regis-tered. The flying bird represented a strong sense of introducing ourselves to the world and bringing good for-tune to others.

 In 1996, the Cl logo was introduced to stan-dardize our brand management. Our em-ployees became aware of the concept of “Delivering Better Services”.

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