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SBS has obtained over 380 patents, which is comprised of 116 invention patents, 221 utility model patents and 44 design patents, together with over 200 types of newly developed techniques & equipment and more than 600 types of new products, a number of which have been included in China’s Torch Program and Spark Program. With over 30 years’ accumulation and development, we have grown into a zipper manufacturer with powerful technical R&D strength in China. We apply for over 100 patents related to zippers annually, of which invention patents account for approximately 30%.check patent details.

We have conducted profound research and developed a variety of new zipper products that take a leading position in China, covering the plastic zipper by fluorescent steel, plastic zipper with triangle teeth, plastic zipper with imitation metal teeth, nylon zipper with explosion-proof performance, nylon zipper with water resistant performance, metal zipper with flame retardant performance, metal zipper with bilateral teeth, metal zipper with cotton texture, invisible zipper with jacquard tape, etc. We will concentrate on developing more new zipper products this year, such as plastic zipper with S-teeth, metal zipper with watertight & airtight performances, etc.

Furthermore, we have been committed to developing new product lines in response to the rising demands for diversified accessories and one-stop purchasing. We established a button manufacturing factory in 2010. Our button products include but are not limited to snap buttons, prong snap buttons, jeans buttons, rivets, eyelets, etc. Apart from the large-scale capital investments, we have been dedicating great resources to in-house research and development, with the aim of growing into a one-stop garment accessories supplier globally.

With regard to the equipment development, we have carried out a lot of research and developed various cutting-edge machines and production lines, including the automatic lock assembly machine, metal chain combining machine, invisible slider assembly machine, plastic zipper splitting machine, fully automatic oxidizing production line, fully automatic electroplating production line, fully automatic pre- spray painting production line, and fully automatic spray painting production line. Additionally, we have applied for the patents for some of the machines, which have been approved by the State Intellectual Property Office of the People's Republic of China (SIPO).

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