How to Care for Drysuit Zippers [Cleaning & Storing]

May 20, 2017 0

The zipper is the most sensitive part of a drysuit and, as such, it requires some care after use. With proper maintenance, drysuit zippers can last a very long time. Take a look at some of the steps that can be taken to keep the drysuit zippers clean and operating smoothly. Cleaning the Drysuit After each use, the suit needs a good cleaning to make sure that salt and other contaminants get washed out of the zipper. It’s important to wash off the entire drysuit — both inside and out and make sure that any sand or dirt that has [Continue Reading]

How To Measure The Zipper Gauge Correctly?

May 20, 2017 0

Zipper gauge refers to the width of the zipper teeth. It is measured in either millimeters or inches. The wider the teeth width, the stronger the cross-wise chain strength. The larger the zipper gauge, the studier the zipper and the heavier or thicker the fabric it could be sewn onto, regardless of the type it is categorized into. It is pretty easy to measure the zipper gauge. Place the zipper you would like to measure on a horizontal surface. Zip it up completely and measure the teeth width from left to right with the help of a ruler or a [Continue Reading]

A User’s Guide To Reflective Coil Zippers

May 20, 2017 0

Safety is a great concern across various industries. There is no exception in the zipper manufacturing industry. The safety of the wearers is also one of our major concerns and our R&D team has developed a collection of reflective coil zippers that are intended for enhancing the visibility of the wearers in different light conditions. Reflective coil zippers refer to those coil zippers whose tapes on both sides are attached with a layer of reflective strip with glass bead through heat pressing. The side with reflective strip features darker color that ensures its color fastness. The attachment of these zippers [Continue Reading]

Choosing Drysuit Zippers — Metal or Plastic?

May 13, 2017 0

The most essential part of a drysuit is its zipper. In order to be effective and last a long time, the zippers have to be made of high-quality materials and allow the drysuits to remain completely watertight. Unlike regular zippers, drysuit zippers are therefore made of a special waterproof material, non-corrosive teeth as well as a dual seal mechanism that all work together to keep every last drop of water out. With regular maintenance, high-quality drysuit zippers can last longer than the suits themselves. Types of Zippers Suitable for Drysuits If you are looking for the perfect zippers for your [Continue Reading]

Metal/Plastic/Coil Zips: The Simplest Applications Guide

May 12, 2017 0

With all the different types of zips available in the market, it is often a confusing task to choose the right type for a certain application. Understandably, questions regarding which type of zip to choose are also one of the most often we have got. Nowadays, the distinctions between the different types of zips are not so pronounced as the old days, as technologies have allowed them to slowly eliminate what are used to be their disadvantages. A good example would be how a metal zip used to have rusts as the notable disadvantage, but nowadays it can easily be [Continue Reading]

Metal/Plastic/Nylon Zipper Sliders: Selection Criteria

April 29, 2017 0

Zippers have been extensively applied to numerous industries, ranging from apparel, bags, backpacks, luggage to tents. These humble accessories are taking centerstage due to their functionality and efficiency, along with the fashion statement they make. However, a zipper without a proper slider is rendered useless, regardless of its utilitarian function or aesthetic appeal. The selection of sliders is dependent on lots of factors, including the type of zippers, zipper gauge, type of fabrics, application scenario, just to name a few. Basically, sliders can be segmented into 3 categories based on the types of zippers available, covering metal sliders, plastic sliders [Continue Reading]

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